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About My
Piano Works

My piano music is inspired by canonic, classical keyboard repertoire. It has been my goal to compose music for pianists that is both practical and engaging. Immediate accessibility, idiomatic keyboard writing, and stylistic eclecticism are three hallmarks of my piano music. Following in the traditions of the great pianist/composers of the past, I have composed piano music that appeals to students, teachers, amateurs, and virtuoso classical pianists.

Some of my piano music has been recognized in competitive submissions/ calls for scores including the New York City Contemporary Music Symposium at Columbia University (Three Inventions- FINALIST) and by New York City's Locrian Chamber Players- Call for Scores (Five Pages From A City Journal-WINNER). My piano music falls neatly into 5 categories: Easy piano music (early intermediate to early advanced), neoclassical works, eclectic-contemporary works, collaborative piano works, and piano with orchestra. Below you will find links to SHEETMUSICDIRECT to purchase scores. 

Piano on Dim Stage



(Early intermediate- early advanced)


Two Lyrical Sketches for the Young

1. The Cuckoo & the Nightingale

2. Carnival Fantasy

Lyrical Sketchbook (12 easy pcs.)

1. Song Without Words

2. Wizards’ Dance

3. A Christmas Waltz

4. Constellation

5. Jukebox Boogie Woogie

6. Sentimental Souvenir

(to Florence Price)

7. Music Box Medley

8. Tarantella in A Minor

9. Preludium in C# Minor

10. Riverside Rag (to Scott Joplin)

11. El Toreador

12. Rejoice!

Three Lyrical Duets

for piano 4-hands

1. Fantasia in D Minor

2. Song of the Meadowlark

3. Jubilee Texas

Two Canzonas

1. Canzona in D Major

2. Canzona in Blue

Four American Canvas Sketches

1. John Abbott McNeill Whistler,

Nocturne in Black & Gold

2. Mary Cassatt,

Little Girl in a Blue Armchair

3. Henry Ossawa Tanner,

The Banjo Lesson

4. Winslow Homer,

Breezing Up (A Fair Wind)

Three American Bagatelles

1. Overture 2. Ballad 3. Reel


(Advanced concert works)


Three Inventions

1. Heron’s Engine

2. Archimedes’ Spiral

3. Da Vinci’s Flying Machine

Two Nocturnes

1. Nocturne

(For A World On Fire)

2. Nocturne

(For A World Frozen In Time)



1. Ballad

2. Arietta-Interlude

3. Finale


1. Prelude

2. Basso Ostinato

3. Scherzo

4. Elegy

5. Finale

Fantasia & Allegro Ostinato

1. Radiant and rhapsodic

2. Rustic and driving



(Advanced concert works)


Lyrical Etude in C


Three Epigraphs

1. Poetic with a steady tempo

2. Pensive and a bit subdued

3. Ruminating with expression

Four Short Waltzes

1. Languid and sentimental

2. Nostalgically

3. With ease and simplicity

4. Melodious with a lilt

Shades & Hues, BOOK 1 (1-7)

1. Maximum Red

2. Desert Sand

3. Jazzberry Jam

4. Midnight Blue

5. Royal Purple

6. Sea Foam Green

7. Black Leather Jacket

Shades & Hues, BOOK 2 (8-14)

1. White Smoke

2. Palomino Gold

3. Ghost White

4. Tart Orange

5. Dark Gray

6. Tie-Dye Spiral

7. Raven Black

Five Pages from a City Journal

1. Beat On The Street

2. Remembrance

3. Funny Page

4. Musing

5. Metropolitan Express


Collected Piano Works, BOOK 1

(Easy Works)

Collected Piano Works, BOOK 2

(Neoclassical Works)
Collected Piano Works, BOOK 3

(Eclectic-Contemporary Works)



Piano Trio:

Music for the Veneration of Two Saints 

for violin, cello, and piano

1. Kyrie 2. Vespers 3. Te Deum


Piano Quartet: Memories of Summer

for Bb clarinet, violin, cello, & piano

1. Basso Ostinato

2. Commemoration

3. Scherzo

4. Soliloquy

5. Play Song

6. Gulf Breeze

7. Threnody

8. Introduction & Finale



Concerto for piano

and string orchestra

1. Prelude-Variations

2. Scherzo

3. Fantasy

4. Toccata

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